Key People02 February 2023

‘I never thanked my female teachers for their role in my life’

Student Tetyana Pryshchepova condemns the gender-normative stereotypes society has imposed on children. As co-founder of Women in Stem@VU (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math), she hopes to get more women into the exact…

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Society02 February 2023

‘Minister hampers refugees’ right to education’

Education Minister Robbert Dijkgraaf makes refugee students pay many thousands of euros more in tuition fees than Dutch students. He is hampering their right to education, according to a national support centre for people without…

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Participation01 February 2023

Too few candidates for works council elections

There are hardly any new candidates for the works council elections in March. A problem, says chairman Henk Olijhoek, because the participation council needs fresh blood.

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