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Boosted Gryffins member Marcelo

Student game association moves to Uilenstede

The gaming student association Boosted Griffins, founded at VU Amsterdam, has acquired a new gaming space at Uilenstede. The grand opening is Thursday the 18th of April.

Members of Boosted Gryffins usually gather at VU Amsterdam for a match of Mario Kart, Beat Saber or Tekken, oftentimes at debate centre 3D. Soon that will mostly happen at Uilenstede. The association has found a permanent space at Theatre ‘De Landing’. They will still get together roughly once per week, with room for growth. It’s also possible to host game nights in the weekend now. The association won’t completely abandon VU Amsterdam, as it still plans to do occasional VU events. 

“We also want to organize walk-in gaming moments, so students can literally walk in and just game for a bit. That’s especially convenient if you live at Uilenstede, because you basically don’t need to buy a console. You can just become a member and game with your friends during a walk-in moment”, says VU student Ferdi Kabak (25), founder and chair of Boosted Gryffins. 

Grand opening 

The grand opening takes place on the 18th of April, co-organized by VU study association Storm. During the event, attendees will be able to play Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 and VR games while enjoying free food and drinks. Non-members are also welcome to join and get to know the game association. Members pay twenty euros per academic year for membership. 


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