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19 April 2024

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VU student launches game association

The Introduction Days of VU Amsterdam will feature a brand new association called Boosted Gryffins. It’s the only student association in Amsterdam focused on gaming.

The new association was founded by VU master’s student Ferdi Kabak, who has long been hosting various social activities on campus. Its official launch will be on 1 September, but its Instagram page already went live and the first events are taking place during the intro days next week.

On 23 August there will be PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, VR headsets and arcade machines on the fourth floor of the NU building, between 13:00 and 17:00. And two days later students will have another chance to game between 18:00 and 22:00.

Bad Game

The name Boosted Gryffins is a bit of a joke. “In games, boosting means that you paid someone who is better than you to rank up your account. And Gryffins is of course a reference to our VU Amsterdam roots. We’re joking that we’ve been boosted by better players than us”, explains Kabak. He also likes that it’s abbreviated to BG. Upset competitive gamers often say ‘bg’, or ‘bad game’ when a match doesn’t go their way.

There are no deals with VU Amsterdam to host the association yet, but Kabak and his team of fellow students are trying to get permanent spaces. “We’re still in the early stages of looking into what’s possible, also regarding funding.” Boosted Gryffins will start out with two monthly events, one in person and one online. From there on out the association hopes to expand its activities.


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