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18 April 2024

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Many more women than men get PhD

Last academic year, more women than men were awarded a PhD. The difference was bigger than ever: 182 PhDs. This is mainly thanks to the medical sciences.

It happened once before that more women than men completed their PhDs at the Dutch universities. This was in 2020/2021 and the difference back then was a mere five PhDs.

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Last academic year, 2,651 women were awarded PhDs, which is a record number. Even in the peak year 2020/2021, when PhD candidates in the medical sciences in particular caught up after falling behind due to the COVID pandemic, there weren’t this many women that obtained a PhD.


The number of PhDs completed is still increasing. Last year, there were more than five thousand, owing to healthcare in particular: the medical sciences, pharmacy and similar disciplines accounted for over 2,100 of the PhDs awarded. Of these, 1,325 went to women.

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