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15 July 2024

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Nominate your favourite colleague

Which support staff member is indispensable at VU Amsterdam and deserves an ode at the New Year’s Gala? 

Whether it is a professor who just landed a big grant or a lecturer who wins the annual Teacher Talent Award: we mainly see researchers and teaching staff in the spotlight. A group that gets less attention but is no less important is the support staff. From your computer booting up effortlessly (usually) to the salary paid into your bank account every month; the support staff take care of it. These quiet forces are the beating heart of VU Amsterdam.

Vote before 16 December

To show more appreciation for this group, VU Amsterdam will elect two staff members of the year during the New Year’s Gala on Thursday 26 January. You can use a form to nominate your favourite support colleague. During the gala, the two winners will receive a personal tribute from Writer in Residence Gustaaf Peek, who will spend half a day with the winners for his eulogy. Last year, HR employee Marike ten Hoorn and logistics employee Robbert Loots became support staff members of the year. 

Who will it be this year? You have until Thursday 15 December to enter your most valued colleague in the competition. (That may also be your favourite Ad Valvas editor).


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