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‘I would like to meet people from outside of my Caribbean bubble’

Zena van Heningen (20) is one of the first-year international students we will follow for our Freshmen series this year. This is the first check-in after she started her academic year as a student in Media, Art, Design and Architecture.

“I didn’t come here so much for the city of Amsterdam but for the unique study program that VU offers: Media, Art, Design and Architecture. I arrived here from Curacao last summer with thirteen other students from the Dutch Antilles who are all studying at different institutions.

“What appeals to me in Media, Art, Design and Architecture is that it combines different creative subjects. At first, I thought about studying design only but then I figured that I have many creative interests that I want to explore more. Also, I am kind of indecisive, so trying out four different subjects at once seemed like the perfect fit for me. In my second year, I have to choose one track to pursue further. But so far, I’m enjoying the chance to see how I do in all four of the creative fields.

“VU reminds me of my high school in Curacao. Religion does not play a big role here and people are very open minded, I like that. Still, adjusting to a completely new environment is hard. I am still closely connected to the other Caribbean students who came with me to the Netherlands but I also would like to meet people from outside of that bubble. I know that I just need to give myself some time and it will all work out.”

‘Religion does not play a big role here’


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