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18 April 2024

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‘Some UvA people told me they would rather switch to VU’ 

Life has gotten a bit boring for International Business Administration student Bailey Steinmeyer (19), but he still loves VU Amsterdam. 

 “My life has gotten much less interesting since New Year’s, because I stopped doing stuff. Right now, I am mostly commuting from home to the university and back because these last weeks were pretty busy and tedious.   

We did not have any break between the third and fourth period, so it’s been a lot of studying the last two months. But I have some favorite spots on campus, where it’s nice to chill or study, especially the seventh floor of the new building – it’s quiet, has a good crowd and a nice view.   

For studying in particular, I like going to the sports café at the VU sports center or the library in the main building. The only annoying thing here is that the power doesn’t work most of the time. 

 I must say, I am pretty lucky that I don’t have to ‘travel’ to somewhere in Amstelveen to take my exam. So far, I’ve always been tested in the ‘TenT’. 

Bad coffee  

Furthermore, the VU has nice coffee places and good food, although I mostly drink the 59-cent coffee from the machines and then complain about how bad it is. Besides that, I really like the main café in the Hoofdgebouw. They make good coffee for quite decent prices. And the food in the cafeteria is good as well.  

However, I must say that I am sad they don’t sell the Turkish pizza anymore. That one was really delicious and my cheap option. The rest of the food is, unfortunately, a bit expensive but since it makes me a bit depressed to always eat prep meals, it is a good option.  

When I talked to some people from the UvA (University of Amsterdam, Ed.) they told me they hate it there and that they want to switch to VU. I understand that! Because all in all, still, after six months of studying here, I love the VU.” 


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