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‘Corona almost spelled the end for the student council’

The university student council has four members this year who have been council members before. In corona time, last year’s board did not find enough new successors.

Even in normal times, students are not overly enthusiastic about joining the university student council. In recent years it has often been difficult to fill the electoral list. This year, the lockdown was added, precisely at the time when new students had to be found for next year’s student council. That didn’t work: too few candidates registered.

“For a while it seemed as if corona would mean the end for the student representation at the VU”, says brand new chairman Kata Rakić, “but we didn’t want that to happen.”

A number of members of the student councils from last year and the year before decided to just do it for another year. Rakić is one of them. She was a general member of the board in 2018-2019. Sumeyye Dalkiran (2018-2019) and Soukaina Abouhssen and Alyssa Termaat (both 2019-2020) will also be on the board for another year.


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