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Are VU Student Councils worth voting for?

What if you had the power to give more students housing or have a say in how the university should implement AI? This is not just a hypothetical, student councils have a direct impact on the things that matter to the VU community. By voting (or encouraging others to vote), you get to decide who represents you and what changes they work on to give you the university experience you deserve.

The University Student Council serves a vital role in representing students’ opinions and concerns to the administration, advocating for policies and initiatives that directly impact student life.The University Student Council continuously tackles important issues, such as advocating for affordable housing by organising a survey to aid 400 second and third-year students, implementing free menstrual products in women’s bathrooms, approving new administration requirements for students, and addressing the ongoing topic, such as internationalisation within our university.
Similarly, the Faculty Student Councils operate on a faculty level, addressing issues specific to each faculty. For example, the faculty of Behavioural and Movement Science have been working on guidelines on how AI should be used in education on their faculty. Without these councils, exam regulations wouldn’t have an opportunity to improve throughout the years. Education couldn’t be as tailored to students’ specific needs, damaging the quality of education.

Questioning whether or not to vote for student council elections is overlooking an opportunity to actively shape the direction of our university community. At its core, student council engagement brings a sense of community and empowerment, encouraging students to partake in shaping their educational journey. By amplifying student voices and addressing their concerns, these councils work towards better student representation within the university.

It is crucial for students to actively participate in the upcoming student council elections as their votes hold the power to shape the direction of their educational experience and social life. By casting their ballots, students ensure that their voices are heard and represented in decision-making processes on matters that directly affect them. Whether it’s advocating for improved academic policies, enhancing campus facilities, addressing social issues, or other topics ranging from internationalisation to mental health, every vote counts towards building a more inclusive student representation. Student council elections are the only times students have a say in their representation and university experience, making it their duty to vote in the next student elections. Starting April 15th, students can vote in the student council elections through an email leading them to Webelect or by attending the events held throughout election week all around campus.

Student council engagement brings a sense of community and empowerment


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