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Bailey (on the right) celebrating Halloween with friends in the US

‘You don’t have to be fluent in Dutch to have a nice conversation’

Two nights ago was Halloween, a holiday international student Bailey Steinmeyer didn’t spend in the US this year, much to his regret.

“In the States, we celebrate Halloween during the whole month of October and unlike in Europe it is not only about horror. I spent Halloween night here with my pals. In the end, that’s what it’s all about: Being with your friends. Still, I was a little sad not being in America to celebrate it this year.” 

Nevertheless, Bailey is not at all homesick: “The weather here is pretty similar to that back home. Of course it’s cold here, but during autumn it’s not any warmer in my hometown, Portland. Actually, autumn in Amsterdam is even better: it is so beautiful and cozy here. My plan for the whole season is just sitting in the comfy cafés, chilling and drinking coffee.”

Deep-fried-balls season

Besides from that, Bailey thinks there is plenty to do in the Netherlands: “I already visited The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Zandvoort and I want to see many more cities. I just love this country!” 

Bailey is already becoming a Dutchie, learning the language: “I can speak some Dutch and you really don’t have to be fluent to have a nice conversation. Dutch people are super happy if you just try.”

He says he really likes the national food: “The oliebollen season just started! The oliebol is a ball-shaped, deep-fried pastry, filled with raisins and candied fruit and they are so good. I am also a fan of stamppot, that’s basically smashed potato mixed with anything you want, like cabbage or sausage. It’s delicious and also very cheap.” 

All in all, by now, Bailey is feeling at home in Amsterdam: “It has such a nice vibe here.”


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