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18 April 2024

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Netherlands global leader in scientific impact

When it comes to scientific impact, the Netherlands and Switzerland lead the way worldwide, publisher Elsevier reports. This is mainly due to the many publications in collaboration with foreign researchers.

Some publications are quickly forgotten while others have impact: they are frequently read and cited. According to Elsevier, the score of the Netherlands for scientific citations is 72 percent above the world average. The number of publications is also relatively high.

Crème de la crème

Publications involving international collaboration by researchers have a particularly large impact, and this is a strength of our country. Publications in which only Dutch researchers collaborate have an impact score that’s ‘only’ 20 percent above the world average.

According to Elsevier, Dutch universities work together with the crème de la crème of academia in Europe and North America, such as Oxford and Harvard. Almost two-thirds (63 percent) of all Dutch publications result from international collaboration. This is above the world average (20 percent) and the EU average (43 percent).

Erasmus University Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam have the highest impact, Elsevier reports. But it’s also possible to compile rankings in which other universities come out on top.

‘Cherish internationalisation’

According to Interim President of Universities of the Netherlands Jouke de Vries, the study by Elsevier makes clear that radically limiting the intake of international students and reducing the international character of science will have major negative consequences. “Dutch universities will then no longer play in the Premier League of the world.”


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