Campus 14 April 2022

Main building evacuated because of burnt pizza

There was a sudden evacuation in the main building today. The culprit: a pizza margherita.

At 12.20 PM the alarm in the main building of VU Amsterdam suddenly went off. Everyone was requested to evacuate the building as quickly as possible without taking the elevator. There was much confusion among the students leaving the building. "Do you think it's an exercise?", asked one student. "I don't think so", responded another.

Burnt bottom

After roughly five minutes the danger had passed and people on campus started entering the building. It turned out to be a fire alarm, triggered by a burnt pizza at Doppio. The owner explains that there were twelve pizzas in the oven. The bottom of one of them came loose, which caused it to burn. "One of the tastiest pizzas of Amsterdam was sadly lost in action. We are in deep mourning", says Doppio owner Mark Alker with a smile. Fifteen minutes after the alarm, Doppio was already back to business as usual.

Nour Khamis


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