River crossing, simple lunches and a banja wash

If I could only collect my thoughts about how I feel here in the tiny village of Batamay, idyllically located at the confluence of the Lena and Aldan rivers, after these four weeks of campaigning ilees meer

The Yakutian approach to problem solving

DBH (diameter at breast height)… 3.7 cm, killed by fire, severity 2, … adventitious roots at 7 cm (adventitious roots are small additional roots that larch trees have that help determine the depth lees meer

Collecting samples near a very welcoming Siberian village

After the Tomsk campaign, we traveled to Yakutsk for the next leg of the campaign that came with new lees meer

Kick-off of Fire Expedition Siberia 2019

2019 is bound to become one of the largest fire years on record in the Arctic Circle, and especially in Siberia. How much carbon these fires release remains a challenging question.lees meer


Earth system scientist Sander Veraverbeke and his team are on field campaign to Siberia to messure the effects of forest fires.