Barnyard Boogie

I borrowed a race bike from my housemate, met with a friend at an appropriate distance, and together we got out of dodge.lees meer

How to Read (At Least) 96 Books in Nine Years

I make my bed every morning because it is a habit. Habits are not always interesting; though I do want to share a habit of mine that will be coming up in my life soon. lees meer

Success Stories You Did Not Hear About

I spent an awful lot of time over the last two weeks inside, reading for class.lees meer

Reading Routines

Like most of us, I read every hour of every day. This does not mean that I drape myself over a chaise lounge and talk loudly of romanticism.lees meer

Cults, Codswallop, and Comedy

I joined a cult. In fact, I joined it a few years ago, and it has shaped my life ever since.lees meer

Can we just not talk about X?

It has happened before, it is happening now, and it will happen again. After over-exposure from our social discourse and the media, we become totally fed up of talking about whatever is going on.lees meer

Staying in Touch

I had my first three-way last week. To clarify, it was a three-way Skype call between two friends from abroad and myself.lees meer

Bachelor Day: Then & Now

On February 8th two students and I helped at the VU Bachelor Open Day.lees meer

The Uilenstede Law of Surprise

I returned to the Netherlands on a dim and overcast Friday evening, which was improved immediately by four of my closest friends meeting me at the airport.lees meer

Christmas Variety Pack

I’d never spent Christmas without my family before.lees meer

Hindsight & Looking Ahead

Like a bad graphic of time traveling in a movie, I can feel the months flying past. Now, with just five weeks to go before the end of this exchange I can’t help but look back as well as forward.lees meer

It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Canada

What was Halloween like as a kid? It seems like a decade ago I was last Trick or Treating.lees meer

Fall hike

If you visit London, you have to take a photo at Buckingham Palace. If you visit Amsterdam, you have to take a photo at the canals.lees meer

I’ll stick with cricket, thanks

Moving somewhere else to study presents a whole range of new opportunities, and if you can juggle your classes alongside, it’s definitely worth seizing them.lees meer

New Faces and Confusing Places

The International Office points out that students tend to group up when going abroad.lees meer

Poutine and Baked Bean Dreams

There’s nothing quite like moving abroad. Especially when you’ve already been living abroad for two years.lees meer

Trains, trams, and automobiles

School had ended, summer had arrived. I was trying to figure out how best to enjoy this scorching week in Amsterdam when an idea hit me—get as far away as I could.lees meer

Sorry for the weather

I spent the last week back home in the UK, down in our little corner of Essex.lees meer

Can climate change save the publishing industry?

There is one place where no one is worried about another heatwave striking Europe—the publishing industry. lees meer

Student Groups and Bad Jokes

The stage was set, the snacks were laid out, and the drinks were cheap; the Open Mic Night for Storytellers and Poets had come around again. Even though this was only the second time this event has run, the VU 3D Debatcentrum was full. lees meer

Summer and Homesickness

It has finally happened. The big ball of gas that tells us when to get out of bed has, at long last, decided to grace us with a sunny weekend.lees meer

Amsterdam & Cultural Consumerism

The strangest thing about Amsterdam is how full it is. Less than a million people live here, and yet the city clearly struggles.lees meer

King's Day - a Braveheart parody

Worries about the weather aside, wasn’t it a wonderful King’s Day?lees meer

Bring back the Olympics

Let me take you back seven years. I’m sitting in my living room (capacity: 10) with my family. Our eyes, like those of 900 million others worldwide, were glued to the tele.lees meer

Please mind the gap

Rush hour in Amsterdam. You’re departing from Centraal Station on the metro which, already having had people onboard, is quickly filling up as you move down the line.lees meer

Rutte, May and the Black Knight

The steady flow of political embarrassments from the British Government have made the Brexit discussion into some kind of sketch show, although the people on stage realized long ago that they aren’lees meer

How do you like your coffee?

Since my first week in Amsterdam I have worked at a hotel that prides itself in having a great variety of guests.lees meer

My sister's visit

Last week my little sister visited me again here in Amsterdam. I met her at Schipol late in the evening, and we immediately began catching up on what each other was getting up to in 2019.lees meer


Third year bachelor student literature & society, from England.