06 January 2020

'Come Here, Go Far'

The University of Texas San Antonio has a slogan: Come Here, Go Far.

This expression was very much personified in UTSA’s history department. My thesis advisor, Dr. Kolleen Guy threw dinner parties for current and former history students, alumni, and faculty. These parties fostered a culture of cosmopolitanism and globe-trotting - sustained in the interim with social media posts about sailing the Mediterranean and backpacking throughout Europe and Asia. We exchanged travels stories as often as history and politics. 

We exchanged travels stories as often as history and politics

A best friend of mine, Will, from my Master’s program embodied this ethos. He spent his time pursuing Latin American history and hoping between Mexico City and Guatemala City. He eventually moved to Guatemala to work for a non-profit. He is happy promoting the educational opportunities and of Mayan communities. 

As I reflected on my last days of 2019, I realize that I am living this motto now. However, my story is not unique. Amsterdam is one of the most global and cosmopolitan cities in the world. I encounter so many stories like my own - from individuals all over the world. Stories at disbelief in actually managing to live in another country to stories over similar quirks and gripes about the culture. 


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