Other universities08 March 2022

Russian rectors support war in Ukraine

The association of rectors of Russian universities stands fully behind President Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine. In a previous statement, the association had been more non-committal.

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International04 March 2022

Ukrainian VU graduate defends his country in cyberspace

There is more than one way to defend a country under siege. Volodymyr Sukhorebryi, who received his master’s degree from VU Amsterdam several months ago, is trying to help his fellow Ukrainians by providing them with valuable information.

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Internationalization02 March 2022

Will there be an academic boycott of Russia?

More universities and institutions are following the lead of the German scientific community by boycotting Russia. But is it wise? The Dutch scientific community is still thinking it over.

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Internationalization28 February 2022

‘Give refugee researchers greater security’

If Ukrainian researchers seek refuge here, we should offer them a generous welcome, says professor Marie-José van Tol, who will shortly become the new chair of The Young Academy.

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International28 February 2022

Russian invasion of Ukraine also causes shock wave on campuses

Higher education has reacted with horror to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In brief initial reactions, higher education institutions and representatives of the academic world are preparing their position.

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Staff28 February 2022

‘Give education staff with long COVID third year of sick leave’

Education staff with long COVID must not be dismissed after two years of sick leave, says the General Union of Education (AOb). “Grant them an extra year to reintegrate.” Almost 700 staff members contacted the union about lingering symptoms of COVID.

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Staff25 February 2022

Ukrainian VU lecturer teaches while worried about family

Just two hours after finding out her home country Ukraine was being bombed and invaded, VU Amsterdam lecturer and PhD candidate Nina Onopriychuk was speaking in front of a class. She shares the experience of suddenly finding out that a big part of her family is in mortal danger.

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Society25 February 2022

Is World War III imminent? Wolfgang Wagner doesn't think so

Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Professor of International Security Wolfgang Wagner shares his take on the worrying situation. “I did not expect Putin to go this far.”

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Campus17 February 2022

‘I didn’t have anyone helping me’

How are you doing, after almost two years of pandemic? There is even a chance that students will be confined to their rooms for the third spring in a row this year.

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Education17 February 2022

Face mask obligation will soon be canceled on campus

Soon very few of the coronavirus measures in higher education will remain: as from tomorrow, lecture halls are allowed to be full once again and from 25 February it will no longer be compulsory to wear a face mask on campus.

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