Internationalization15 December 2022

Minister is not quite in a hurry to form new policy for international students

Amid calls for a recruitment stop for international students and a quick-fix stopgap bill, last Friday Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf informed the House of Representatives that he does not want to be rushed.

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Campus08 December 2022

VU Pride builds financial buffer with fundraising event

After two years, the Ministry of Education has cut their funding for VU Pride. In anticipation of funding from the university, VU's LGBTI+ network organized a fundraising marketplace to help pay for their future events. A report.

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Internationalization08 December 2022

Universities give their Iranian students 'regular support'

There are currently hundreds of Iranian nationals studying or working at Dutch higher education institutions. Those who are planning to move back to their homeland have no intention of postponing their return in light of the current situation, says Minister of Education Robbert Dijkgraaf. 

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Internationalization08 December 2022

International students sorely needed, education directors say

According to administrators from eight higher education institutions, we must continue to recruit international students in the fight against labour market shortages. They say the House of Representatives should not stand in the way of this.

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Staff05 December 2022

Nominate your favourite colleague

Which support staff member is indispensable at VU Amsterdam and deserves an ode at the New Year’s Gala? 

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Society05 December 2022

Diversity employees are threatened and harassed

Discussions on diversity and inclusion in higher education have become increasingly political in recent years and lead to heated reactions more often. This is the outcome of a large-scale survey on the diversity and inclusion policies of 13 universities and eight universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands.

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Science01 December 2022

‘Foreign powers are after Dutch technology’

“States undertake large-scale activities to acquire knowledge and technology in the Netherlands”, according to a new report by the intelligence services about military and political threats.

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Science08 November 2022

Report: Panic and lack of sleep because of temporary contracts in the academic world

Temporary university contracts with poor terms and conditions make the work of researchers and teaching staff very difficult. That is the main theme in a report containing personal stories.

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Society08 November 2022

Website and hotline for academics under threat

Have you encountered threats, intimidation or aggression? From today, academics who feel unsafe can seek help by calling a special hotline or filing a report on the dedicated website

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Campus03 November 2022

Biblical texts no longer mandatory at academic ceremonies + update

The ceremonies for promotions and orations will soon be modified. Not only the mandatory Biblical texts will be replaced, "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen" will also make way for "Dear attendees".

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