Science16 May 2022

Free speech and censorship on social media platforms

With social media platforms censoring more and more frequently, the question arises whether this happens with a political bias.

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Students12 May 2022

More international students have a right to student financing

Having lost a few court cases, the Education Executive Agency (DUO) is changing its course with regard to European students. They are now more likely to be granted student financing. The government is studying the consequences.

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Internationalization10 May 2022

Student accommodation: ‘I think it will be difficult this coming year’

The International Office is working hard to find all the incoming international students a room, but the numbers show that this will be tough. Therefore, extra measures are taken.

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Society09 May 2022

For the first time more women than men get PhD

In the past academic year more women than men got a PhD at Dutch universities. That has never happened before. There were also a record number of PhDs awarded, after a dip during the coronavirus crisis.

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Campus03 May 2022

'VU Amsterdam is an excellent place for joints and junk food'

What makes for a good university? According to Google reviewers, it might depend on whether you can smoke joints there, or how likely it is for someone to steal your plushies. Have a look at the most remarkable reviews of VU Amsterdam.

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Participation28 April 2022

Political parties want equal compensation for participation bodies across the country

Why does a student on the participation council get more remuneration at one institution than at another? National guidelines are needed to change this, in the view of GroenLinks and the PvdA. 

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Campus14 April 2022

Main building evacuated because of burnt pizza

There was a sudden evacuation in the main building today. The culprit: a pizza margherita.

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Campus13 April 2022

Taking selfies on campus is forbidden

Feeling cute, might get stopped by security later? According to university rules, people are not allowed to take pictures or record videos on the campus terrain. But what happens if we keep snapping pictures anyway?

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Campus12 April 2022

Student council elections: not much disagreement here

Should the VU go vegan, oblige its international students to learn Dutch and provide for free tampons? These and other topics were discussed yesterday on an election debate night at the debate center 3D.

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Politics06 April 2022

VU Amsterdam and other universities ask for financial support to help refugees

Many schools in the Netherlands have already welcomed young Ukrainian refugees to their classes. Higher education would also like to admit newcomers, but this is easier said than done.

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