Education08 September 2020

VVD annoys everyone with plan for 'mystery guest' at online lectures

Coalition party VVD has suggested the use of mystery guests to assess the quality of higher education. I really don’t think so, said Minister Van Engelshoven in response.

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Staff07 September 2020

PNN: more dubious contracts for PhD students than thought

For years, the proportion of PhD students with contracts that allocate too little time for their research has been estimated at 10 to 15 percent. However, that figure is likely to be higher, according to a new survey by the PhD Network Netherlands (PNN).

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Science04 September 2020

6 million available for mental health advice

The European Union (EU) has awarded a 6 million euro grant to research conducted by Marit Sijbrandij, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, and her partners.

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Students03 September 2020

Students catch Covid at secret parties

Since the start of the introductory activities, several Dutch cities have seen a marked rise in the Covid infection rate among students. However, the universities themselves are not to blame: the students contracted the virus at parties they organised themselves.

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Campus02 September 2020

Vinod Subramaniam leads national advisory committee on diversity

Higher education and research needs more female researchers and more researchers with a migration background. A new action plan also emphasises that something needs to be done to combat bullying and abuses of power.

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Science28 August 2020

'A derailing social discussion is a risk factor'

VU Amsterdam will collaborate with Huawei, as was announced this week. Three Amsterdam professors in Computer Science will use an investment from the controversial Chinese technology giant to improve search engines. According to professor Frank van Harmelen, it is really well organized.

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Staff25 August 2020

‘We need to take action on behalf of colleagues on temporary contracts in particular’

Across the country, academics will be cycling between various student towns as a form of protest at the start of the new academic year.

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Participation20 August 2020

‘Corona almost spelled the end for the student council’

The university student council has four members this year who have been council members before. In corona time, last year's board did not find enough new successors.

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Students20 August 2020

Student associations get green light for face-to-face events after all

Student associations will be allowed to host introduction events for prospective members after all. After some initial hesitation, the Dutch government conceded to pressure from the House of Representatives.

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Job market20 August 2020

Young graduates hit hard by contracting economy

With the economy in a slump caused by the coronavirus crisis, unemployment among young graduates and students has increased. “These are not fun times for young people looking for work,” says the chief economist of Statistics Netherlands.

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