Students04 October 2022

‘Even outside of Iran we are not free’

As the protests and the crackdown against them intensify in Iran, several VU students try to do what they can to support the protest movement. But even within the Netherlands, they feel like the Iranian government is restricting what they can do and say.

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International30 September 2022

International student petitions for free public transport

A VU student from Greece has started a petition addressed to the Dutch Prime Minister. He wants all students to receive the same student travel product as Dutch students regardless of their nationality.

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Campus29 September 2022

'You just try to keep sane'

War in Ukraine, living costs going through the roof, rising gas- and electricity prices, inflation, climate change. There is enough to drive even the most stoic person into a nervous breakdown. Five international students talk about how they deal with all that anxiety-inducing mayhem.

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Campus22 September 2022

Dive into literature in the Pantheon next to the aula

VU Amsterdam has recently opened its own Pantheon, an art installation in which you can retreat with a real, physical book.

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Politics20 September 2022

‘Data collection on ethnicity may be a necessary evil’

In order to combat ethnic discrimination and racism, collecting data on the migration background of students and staff may be a “necessary evil”. This is a tentative conclusion drawn by The Young Academy based on interviews.

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Students09 September 2022

Shortage of student housing still growing, government launches action plan

In the 20 largest student cities there is a shortage of 27,000 student homes. With the number of international students rising, that number could reach 45,000 by 2030. The government is launching an action plan.

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Campus09 September 2022

Person died after falling in NU building

A person fell from a great height in the NU building on Friday afternoon around half past four. Emergency services rushed to the scene to perform CPR, unfortunately to no avail.

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Campus08 September 2022

Undocumented migrants can now study at VU Amsterdam

Young people without a residence permit who are rooted in the Netherlands and have a Dutch high school diploma can now study at VU Amsterdam for the regular tuition fee.

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Campus08 September 2022

Chair Mirjam van Praag promises VU Amsterdam will be a nicer place

VU Amsterdam will work on its internal connections, said chair Mirjam van Praag at the opening of the academic year, at which an honorary doctorate was awarded to leadership expert Manfred Kets de Vries.

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Opinion31 August 2022

‘Be tough on your teachers, but don’t cancel them’

‘Wokeness’ has brought us wonderful things, but cancelling people is not the way forward, says VU professor Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte. He proposes an academic safe space.

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