Participation01 February 2023

Too few candidates for works council elections

There are hardly any new candidates for the works council elections in March. A problem, says chairman Henk Olijhoek, because the participation council needs fresh blood.

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Science30 January 2023

Psychological safety helps to enhance workplace performance

Management teams with high psychological safety perform better than teams where psychological safety is low, according to new research by VU Amsterdam external PhD student Elmira Nijhuis.

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Opinion26 January 2023

‘Warning international students is not enough’

‘Don’t come if you don’t have accommodation by the first of August’, warned VU Amsterdam. Student Leo Yilmazer – who quit their studies and moved back to Türkiye because they couldn’t find a room – thinks the university should be more transparent about the housing crisis.

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Society23 January 2023

Petition: universities must end ties with fossil fuel sector

In a week of climate protests, activists from Fossielvrij NL posted an online petition last Wednesday.

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Debate19 January 2023

Universities create their own bubble on Mastodon

Users of social media are increasingly regarding Mastodon as an alternative to Twitter. And from March, the higher education institutions will experiment with it. They would like to become less dependent on Twitter.

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Society19 January 2023

UvA has police clear occupied building within a day

The occupation of the University of Amsterdam is over. The ME (Police Support Unit) cleared the building yesterday evening and arrested 30 people. Earlier in the day, the Executive Board had asked the demonstrators to leave voluntarily.

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Science17 January 2023

Knowledge Security Helpdesk receives almost 150 queries

Which scientists can we work with and how careful should we be? Over the the course of almost 12 months, the Knowledge Security Helpdesk received 148 questions.

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Students17 January 2023

Money soon to be made available for ‘block heating’

Tenants in student complexes are to get lower energy bills thanks to government assistance. The only question is how soon this money will get to those students.

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Other universities13 January 2023

Unions demand 14.3 percent rise in pay

On Tuesday afternoon, the unions presented their bargaining position ahead of talks to set out a new collective labour agreement for Dutch universities.

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Campus06 January 2023

'I have lost some friends in this war'

Ukrainian student Lev Medin was obsessed with the war in his home country last year, but he has learned to focus on other things now too. “I have learned to control it.”

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