Internationalization20 October 2022

International students drop out relatively often

Since 2011, one in four international university undergraduates have left the Netherlands in less than four years without graduating. It appears that they did not feel at home, the Netherlands Inspectorate of Education concludes. 

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Society20 October 2022

Diversity survey torpedoed by right wing website GeenStijl

The survey into diversity and inclusion at Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences has been stopped with immediate effect. The reliability of the new data can no longer be guaranteed. Questionnaires can no longer be filled in.

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Internationalization14 October 2022

Chinese PhD students in the Netherlands have to declare support to Communist Party

Chinese PhD students on a grant from the China Scholarship Council have to satisfy some dubious requirements. This has prompted queries from several Dutch university administrations.

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Campus13 October 2022

Help, a student/teacher that looks nothing like me!

The university is becoming increasingly diverse. How do students and staff think this is actually progressing? To find out, Ad Valvas and 18 other news media of higher education institutions are conducting a survey.

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International13 October 2022

Brazilian Chief Dadá Borarí brings indigenous knowledge to VU Amsterdam

In his quest of stopping deforestation in the Amazon, the Brazilian indigenous Chief Dadá Borarí visited VU Amsterdam.

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Students12 October 2022

Students benefit little from energy price cap

Many students will benefit very little from the energy price cap that was announced recently. The Dutch Student Union LSVb and student housing providers are pressing for a better arrangement.

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Politics06 October 2022

Universities should be even more careful

The House of Representatives wants educational institutions to be more critical when it comes to analysing their knowledge security. It did not go so far as to adopt a motion to ban Chinese students and researchers from all ‘sensitive’ knowledge domains.

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Students04 October 2022

‘Even outside of Iran we are not free’

As the protests and the crackdown against them intensify in Iran, several VU students try to do what they can to support the protest movement. But even within the Netherlands, they feel like the Iranian government is restricting what they can do and say.

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International30 September 2022

International student petitions for free public transport

A VU student from Greece has started a petition addressed to the Dutch Prime Minister. He wants all students to receive the same student travel product as Dutch students regardless of their nationality.

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Campus29 September 2022

'You just try to keep sane'

War in Ukraine, living costs going through the roof, rising gas- and electricity prices, inflation, climate change. There is enough to drive even the most stoic person into a nervous breakdown. Five international students talk about how they deal with all that anxiety-inducing mayhem.

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