Science08 November 2022

Report: Panic and lack of sleep because of temporary contracts in the academic world

Temporary university contracts with poor terms and conditions make the work of researchers and teaching staff very difficult. That is the main theme in a report containing personal stories.

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Society08 November 2022

Website and hotline for academics under threat

Have you encountered threats, intimidation or aggression? From today, academics who feel unsafe can seek help by calling a special hotline or filing a report on the dedicated website

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Campus03 November 2022

Biblical texts no longer mandatory at academic ceremonies + update

The ceremonies for promotions and orations will soon be modified. Not only the mandatory Biblical texts will be replaced, "Dear Ladies and Gentlemen" will also make way for "Dear attendees".

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Board03 November 2022

Mirjam van Praag steps down as President in September 2023

Mirjam van Praag will stop as president of the Executive Board as of September 2023. She wants to spend more time on her private life, science and entrepreneurship, says a message on the VU-website.

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Education31 October 2022

New offensive against English-language teaching

Universities in the Netherlands should immediately start teaching in Dutch again, in the view of action group Beter Onderwijs Nederland (BON).

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Housing24 October 2022

New construction alone is not the solution for student housing problem

The six cities in the Netherlands with the largest student population warn that they can’t solve their shortage of student accommodation simply by building more housing. Among other things, they want measures to stem the influx of international students.

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Campus24 October 2022

Public editorial meeting Ad Valvas

Drop by with your news tip, share your story, ask questions, meet our team.

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Internationalization20 October 2022

International students drop out relatively often

Since 2011, one in four international university undergraduates have left the Netherlands in less than four years without graduating. It appears that they did not feel at home, the Netherlands Inspectorate of Education concludes. 

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Society20 October 2022

Diversity survey torpedoed by right wing website GeenStijl

The survey into diversity and inclusion at Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences has been stopped with immediate effect. The reliability of the new data can no longer be guaranteed. Questionnaires can no longer be filled in.

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Internationalization14 October 2022

Chinese PhD students in the Netherlands have to declare support to Communist Party

Chinese PhD students on a grant from the China Scholarship Council have to satisfy some dubious requirements. This has prompted queries from several Dutch university administrations.

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