Education27 October 2020

Canvas could be watching you

LONGREAD - Without the obligation to show up for face-to-face classes, has it become easier for students to fly under the radar and skive off? There are plenty of ways for teachers to monitor their students’ online activity. But to what extent is that desirable?

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studying at VU Campus08 October 2020

Is there anybody left on campus?

LONGREAD - Social distancing rules may have been tightened up again, but the main building of VU Amsterdam was far from empty last Friday. There were a lot people around, studying or having meetings, or on campus for a seminar.

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armpje drukken Campus01 October 2020

Struggling startup is not granted rent reduction

A start-up at VU Amsterdam asked for a rent reduction because of the corona crisis, but that was non-debatable. Instead, the owner received a letter that he must transfer 19,000 euros and leave the office, or legal action will follow.

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Mia Hammersley from her apartment Students24 September 2020

Online struggles and moments of loneliness

LONGREAD - Did the lockdown crush exchange students' dreams? Ad Valvas asked three of them about their experiences. 'It’s not that easy to engage with new people in an online environment.'

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Science24 September 2020

How should we recognise and reward scientists?

LONGREAD - Scientists teach, lead their department and share their insights with the general public. They are going to receive more recognition for this kind of work. But is it at the expense of their research?

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Climecs Science08 September 2020

Counting springtails in an uncommon lab

Some scientific research is not only fascinating or useful, but also photogenic. Ecologist Oscar Franken built a charming lab to simulate extreme weather for research into biodiversity.

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Marcus Hewitt International28 August 2020

The Day I Became A German Orphan

LONGREAD - He was told in hushed whispers that Dutch bureaucracy was a lumbering beast that consumes all who dare oppose it. Nonetheless, the day third year bachelor student in literature Marcus Hewitt became swept up in its machinations came shockingly unexpected.

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Van Prooijen Science27 August 2020

Populist worldview almost inevitably spawns conspiracy theories

LONGREAD - ‘What you believe determines how you act’, says social psychologist Jan-Willem van Prooijen. With the news that many people believe Covid-19 is being spread by a foreign power, should we be worried?

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Taking Action24 August 2020

‘Plenty of room for improvement of online education’

LONGREAD - As chairperson of the student council, Kata Rakić aims to work towards clearer communication for students, particularly for first-year students struggling to build a social network due to the coronavirus crisis.

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