Ramla Jamac Taking Action16 February 2022

‘I am going to help reduce maternal mortality in Somalia’

LONGREAD - Ramla Jamac strongly believes in the future of digital healthcare. She won this year’s Student Talent Award for her app MobileUurka, developed for pregnant women in Somalia.

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Students31 January 2022

Why is there no affordable food at VU Amsterdam's canteen?

The price of food at VU Amsterdam's restaurants and food hubs is pretty stiff. Universities in surrounding countries prove that a decent meal can and should be offered to students for a fair price.

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Taking Action27 January 2022

‘Students and worms turn out to be the perfect combination’

LONGREAD - Why throw out all your vegetable cuttings and other green waste when you can feed thousands of worms with it and create fertile soil? More than a hundred Uilenstede residents take a regular walk to one of its three worm hotels. Student Alexis Mourier (26) makes sure the hotels keep functioning properly.

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Rush hour Students11 January 2022

International students do not receive free public transport - here is why that is unfair

LONGREAD - All international students know this frustrating situation: You and your Dutch colleague check out to exit the metro station - and while you pay 2.80 Euros for the ride, your colleague can exit for free.

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AD VALVAS14 December 2021

Last-minute student exchanges: ‘Some students were scammed’

The pandemic made it a lot harder for students to go on a student exchange, but some determined VU students did not want to give up on their plans.

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Campus06 December 2021

‘We do not believe students wish to put other people in danger’

LONGREAD - What will VU Amsterdam be doing to make sure infected students do not come to the campus? VU Amsterdam spokesperson Frauke van Goethem says it is primarily the responsibility of students themselves: ‘It is quite simply irresponsible to leave your home if you have Covid-19.’

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ICT06 December 2021

‘I understand how frustrating and demoralising it is for everyone’

LONGREAD - Executive Board member Marcel Nollen has really had his work cut out for him as a result of the IT crisis at VU Amsterdam. The situation has not left him unmoved. ‘Come and see me; my door is always open.’

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Internationalization02 December 2021

‘We should not stick to how we have always done things’

The VU strives to be an international community but needs to do more than translate syllabi and PowerPoint presentations into English, says historian Susan Legêne, dean of Humanities. ‘We can gain from a more diverse intellectual climate.’

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Elif Sali Taking Action01 December 2021

‘Undocumented people have a right to proper healthcare too’

LONGREAD - If you are homeless, your asylum application has been rejected, or are for some other reason uninsurable, then you can forget about getting treatment from a physiotherapist or dietician. Medical student Elif Sali (26) and her MEDIC association think this needs to change.

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Taking Action25 November 2021

‘Refugees are people, not things’

LONGREAD - Whatever the weather, Loes Mulders, staff member at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam spends an hour every month standing outside Amsterdam City Hall. Her aim is to draw attention to the inhumane treatment of refugees.

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