Science13 May 2022

NWO president Marcel Levi: ‘Give your NWO grant back if you’re getting European funding as well’

LONGREAD - The high workload, the brutal stampede for research funding, and the difference between researchers in STEM and in other fields: Marcel Levi of the Dutch Research Council NWO has an opinion on everything.

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Society12 May 2022

From Kyiv to Amsterdam: ‘My brain is working overtime’

LONGREAD - They fled Kyiv in order to finish their study programmes in peace. But is that even possible while the safety of your family and the future of your home country is uncertain? How are the Ukrainian students that HR teacher Kilian Wawoe brought to VU Amsterdam coping?

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Students14 April 2022

‘VU Amsterdam doesn’t really give minorities the room to be themselves’

Recent graduate and former refugee Mohammed Badran received the Echo Award in recognition of his commitment to a more inclusive society. But as a student at VU Amsterdam, he did not always feel appreciated.

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Other universities11 April 2022

Ukrainian researchers: ‘We don’t want to abandon our students’

In Kyiv, they make jokes about COVID-19.

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Housing07 April 2022

‘It’s definitely a puzzle’

LONGREAD - The Ukrainian students that VU lecturer Kilian Wawoe is bringing to VU Amsterdam need permanent housing as they finish their studies. Two of his Psychology students are now coordinating the search.

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Campus05 April 2022

‘International students should learn Dutch and ride bikes’

Internationalization is beneficial for both international and Dutch students, faculty director Sylvia Vink thinks. ‘But I don’t think the VU can handle another enormous influx of international students.’

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International04 April 2022

How German student Lisa made some Dutch friends

International student Lisa Früchtl (Communication Science) went out with a couple of fellow Dutch students. ‘I had a great evening and maybe even made some new friends.’

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Society25 March 2022

‘I didn’t think people would be as welcoming as they are’

LONGREAD - At home in Kyiv, Taisiia Kosenok could do nothing more than scroll through news about the war on her bed all day. Until a letter from her university gave a way out, as VU lecturer Kilian Wawoe offered to get her and her fellow students to the Netherlands.

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International15 March 2022

‘I may never return to Moscow’

LONGREAD - Full professor of Law Masha Antokolskaia has long kept quiet about what happened in Russia, but after the invasion of Ukraine, she can no longer look away.

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Students24 February 2022

‘I like to listen’

LONGREAD - Student chaplain Riekje van Osnabrugge is retiring. During the Covid lockdowns, she was forced to do more talking than listening. “To me, that feels like a very outdated way of connecting with students.”

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