Internationalization01 July 2021

‘No internationals’: are foreign students being excluded?

Some international students at VU Amsterdam speak of feeling excluded or separated, both within and outside of the classroom. This could represent a thorn in the side for a university that is striving to be inclusive.

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Campus07 June 2021

‘Twente’s not the ends of the earth’

LONGRREAD - Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam is leaving VU Amsterdam to become university president at Twente. ‘As an administrator, you can’t just impose your own values from above.’

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Campus20 May 2021

Stop being self-satisfied, talk about your mistakes

LONGREAD - The climate in many academic workplaces is often miserable. These three researchers are working on how to improve it. ‘Share negative experiences with each other, that really helps.’

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Students07 May 2021

Online dating: which app is right for you?

LONGREAD - Dating apps have become more popular than ever before due to the lockdowns. So a couple of weeks ago, I decided to download the first five recommended by the App Store: Tinder, Happn, Hinge, Bumble and Inner Circle.

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Eveline Crone Science06 May 2021

‘Dutch success is good, but a strong Europe is better’

LONGREAD - The Netherlands is remarkably successful in European research grant competitions. That’s great, but what about the other member states? “Researchers in one country aren’t smarter than in another”, says Eveline Crone, Vice President of the European Research Council (ERC).

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Campus08 April 2021

‘We want to remove the formality of a desk’

LONGREAD - The VU has greenlighted a two-fold plan by the University Student Council for a new panel and meeting point where students can talk to students about their wellbeing. ‘We really need to start as soon as possible’, the initiators of the plan say.

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active learning Education24 March 2021

Attending a lecture should not be like watching TV

Active learning puts an end to students listening to lectures slumped down in their seats. Which is good, because the more you can get them to participate, the more they will learn. So how do you get students to join in?

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Rueben Millenaar Education25 February 2021

Got a bad plan? The money will turn up anyway

LONGREAD - Administrators who think they have to jump through hoops, inspectors who fail to check the quality of education, and a fainthearted minister. These are the main players in the circus that is known as the quality agreements. "With a lot of plans, you can never say for sure whether education will improve as a result."

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Campus17 February 2021

Is there a cancel culture in Dutch universities?

LONGREAD - Cancel culture is becoming a source of considerable debate within Dutch universities. Why has it become such a topical subject, including at VU Amsterdam?

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Science21 January 2021

Work atmosphere a key factor in sloppy science

LONGREAD - In almost one-third of cases involving questionable research practices, the atmosphere in the relevant department is a key factor, according to research carried out by Tamarinde Haven for her PhD. “Young academics need role models.”

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