Students30 March 2023

The hurdles of learning Dutch

“There is a sentiment that internationals don’t care because we don’t speak the language”, says Isabella Gerig (21), a VU Law in society student from the UK. She lived most of her teenage years in Spain and moved to the Netherlands three years ago.

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Society29 March 2023

A whole life in two rooms and a suitcase

The Ukrainian refugees in the living units near Uilenstede might be here for tragic reasons outside of their control, they’re also just living life. ‘I like watching the planes from my bed.’

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Campus28 March 2023

USC Chair: ‘Get a move on.’ Rector: ‘Let’s address that issue’

Get the Chair of the University Student Council and the Rector Magnificus together in one room and you might expect sparks to fly. But that’s not how they operate. Both want the best for VU Amsterdam, only one of them wants things to happen quicker than the other thinks is possible.

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Science17 March 2023

Will the fungus from The Last of Us turn us into zombies?

In the thrilling plot of the hit series The Last of Us, a fungus infects humans and turns them into zombies. Mycologist Vasilis Kokkoris sheds light on how realistic this scenario is.

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Students16 March 2023

VU gamers unite to compete in Dutch Student League

The idea of having VU Amsterdam compete in the Dutch Student League (DSL) came from finance student Ferdi Kabak. He organizes campus events in 3D and asked around if anyone was interested in competing in the tournament.

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Key People08 March 2023

‘I am hopeful about the new generation of students’

When she was a student herself, Marleen Blootens (40) was searching for a purpose. As a students’ chaplain she now holds space for students who are seeking answers to the big questions in life.

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Society07 March 2023

‘People get uncomfortable if you say you’re Jewish’

Professor of Jewish studies Jessica Roitman wants to show the diversity of Judaism. ‘People are surprised when they hear that there are Black and Asian Jews.’

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Science03 March 2023

How our immune system plays an unexpectedly big role in Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease takes place both in the brain and in the blood, with immune cells playing a vital role. That is what Lynn van Olst discovered during her PhD research, earning her a cum laude degree.

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Campus23 February 2023

Housing problems threaten the study associations

The recently modified relocation plans for the W&N building allocate 70 per cent less space to study associations. This has led to disbelief and a letter to the Executive Board: “We have no confidence in our future existence.”

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Education22 February 2023

Teacher of the year wants to see his students grow

Were you surprised by your nomination? “Yes, very much so. I didn’t know until quite late in the process I was nominated. We have set up this new bachelor programme Law in Society and the first years were hard work.

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