Money21 November 2022

VU student challenges Minister of Education over 56-hour rule

International students who try to get Dutch student finance are required to work nearly two days per week, but some students have great difficulty meeting that requirement. With help from legal experts they are able to fight back against the decisions of DUO.

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Participation16 November 2022

‘PhD candidates are a very vulnerable group’

PhD candidates at VU Amsterdam are now represented by an officially recognized PhD council. ‘We are kind of a lobby club that makes PhD related issues visible.’

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Students16 November 2022

‘The violence won’t stop me from being happy’

A Dutch boyfriend, an apartment of their own, competed study programs but also still many worries about their home country: how are the Ukrainian students doing that came to VU six months ago?

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Key People10 November 2022

‘My work is a mix of manga and western cartoons’

VU student and visual artist Lesly Badtke is capturing student life at VU Amsterdam in a new and relatable webcomic series.

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Students10 November 2022

How to make Dutch friends as an international (and fail)

Making Dutch friends as an international student can be an immense challenge. The good news is that we have some useful pointers to help you in your quest to connect with the natives. The bad news? You might still fail spectacularly.

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Key People27 October 2022

‘It’s not scary to go to these borrels’

As co-founder and departing chair of FAM Maricristy Foglia wants to offer a community for diverse students.

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VU-restaurant Campus10 October 2022

Vegans feel forced to bring their own lunch

Despite the university’s ambitious plans for a sustainable future, there is still little vegan food available in the campus restaurants. Caterer Eurest claims it can supply 100% vegetarian catering and various vegan options on request. So why isn’t it?

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Campus29 September 2022

What happens to the security camera footage at VU Amsterdam?

Every day, you are being filmed by security cameras at VU Amsterdam, probably without you even realizing it. But what happens to that footage? And is there scientific proof for its use?

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Joep van Dijk Key People12 September 2022

‘You should tackle the things that you're dreading most’

From protesting against the student loan system, to translating his activism into constructive discussion. Joep van Dijk is the new chair of the University Student Council.

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Society06 September 2022

How to deal with eco-anxiety

Throw together some global warming with failing government policies and you have the perfect climate fear cocktail. But what can you do about eco-anxiety? “Focus on the things that are within your control.”

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