Door Giulia Ranzini op 09 October 2020

I think this is a very important conversation to have.
I am an international faculty member, and since 2019, I sit in the ODC within the Joint Assembly of the FSW. Thanks to efforts from our Dean and her team, we are now holding our meetings in English, and were able to welcome our first international student council members since this September. It took a lot of adjustment for everyone, I think, but after a year now most documents are circulated bilingually. As the first non-Dutch member of the GA, it took a certain effort for me to keep up with all the documents in Dutch (sometimes piles of pages long) HOWEVER I was given time for this. Students participate in the Council voluntarily, without any reimbursement, and (at least in the FSW) members work super hard to ensure continuity because our students are...working, dealing with debt and expensive housing, commuting and not always capable of contributing extra time into community work. I can imagine international students have additional pressures on top of everything. Thus - I don't know if there is money for a translator - we scramble to find money for anything. But we can make an effort, which might mean running a doc through an automatic translator and making adjustments (time required: 15 mins), sending a summary in English, things we would do for our literal BEST students who spend time to help us solving our issues.

Deze vraag is om te controleren dat u een mens bent, om geautomatiseerde invoer (spam) te voorkomen.