Door Paola Gori Giorgi op 09 October 2020

I agree. I have put myself a lot of effort in learning Dutch. I do not dare to write in Dutch because I am far from a very good level, but I speak it and read it. It was for me quite an effort to be finally able to take part in the work council of my faculty: it took me about 3 years.. For this reason, I fully understand that it is unlikely that students who come here for 2-3 years will ever make it. As you say, a bilingual university is our final goal, a university in which everyone can participate to everything without feeling excluded for one reason or another. The democratic process (which is already very limited by itself) should be fully accessible in both languages.

Deze vraag is om te controleren dat u een mens bent, om geautomatiseerde invoer (spam) te voorkomen.