Learning from one another

“A nation’s culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people”, said by Mahatma Gandhi. Today, the world is turning into a multi-cultural global society.lees meer

My council work even takes me to Iceland

Why did I join the University Student Council in the first place? Well, I've always been interested in what happens behind the scenes of organizations.lees meer

The odd duck knows how to do it

A mentor once told me: you can neither teach what you do not know nor preach what you do not understand.lees meer

Come to VUnited!

Have you ever been to a ‘borrel’ of a Dutch student union? This may sound like a random question, but this is how my story began questioning my position as an international student at VU.lees meer

Get involved in thinking about strengthening our VU community

It is important to build a community within the university for students. This makes people feel more valued and it also creates a sense of belonging.lees meer

A council year is very good for your English

Our Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a university, with students from very diverse backgrounds.  The VU has a broad language policy.lees meer

The urgency of a safety net

It has been about a year and a half since the pandemic started, and it feels like a cliche to begin an article with the phrase ‘COVID-19 has a great impact on our lives’.lees meer

What we are doing this year

After working on it since we started our training in May, we as USR have finally had the opportunity to present our policy plan for this academic year.lees meer

VU should go vegan

The other day, my boyfriend and I met at the VU, he was after class, I just finished my last meeting. We were both quite hungry, and wanted to grab some warm food.lees meer

Very excited

Actually, scrap that, I tell myself revising my previous blog, life’s not all that grim. Not always, anyway.lees meer

Two Forty

It's two forty in the morning as I write this. I just finished an hour-long interview for a course and it's too late to sleep now anyway.lees meer

Together we can flourish

Together we are entering a new academic year in which we can make the bond between art, philosophy, management and science and the bond with each other stronger than ever.lees meer

Feeling nostalgic

As I was writing my last blog for Ad Valvas, I realized that there are other things that are coming to an end this academic year. It’s the end of my board year and even my student life.lees meer

Please talk about any misconduct you experience

Our social life is dramatically stifled by government regulations. Our education was turned from a wholesome on-campus experience into Zoom call followed by Zoom call.lees meer

Give freshmen a physical introduction

"As long as it's not about corona again", I hear almost everyone around me think when I talk about the upcoming summer holidays.lees meer

Without Jeannetta we are nowhere

Writing a blog is one of the USR tasks that isn’t a priority to me. All new tasks always take priority over this one, oops! For this reason, this deadline was not on my mind.lees meer

Where is the humanity?

While I am writing this, we are entering the Election Week for USR and FSR candidates. I am very happy to see my own (small) faculty represented so well.lees meer

Green light for improving student welfare

If one year ago someone had asked me “Where do you see yourself in one year?”, I would have probably said “living a corona-free life” but I would havelees meer

Fighting for your interests in the corporate mill

As chair of the University Student Council, I wrote my first blog in September. We are now over six months further. And a lot has happened in the meantime. lees meer

Run for the USR

We are more than halfway through this academic year: time flies. Our council is now busy looking for its successors. We are recruiting new members.lees meer

Out of the negative spiral

I am sitting behind my laptop, doing coordination work for GGD Twente. I switch to this document at times when the work is quieter.lees meer

My Safety Net

Writing this blog was tricky for me as I was not sure if I want to talk about myself and the things that I was going through.lees meer

VU, strengthen our community

How do we get through this lockdown? Everyone does it in their own way. Some people sleep through the night, others want to be outside a lot and meet up with friends.lees meer

Make your world bigger

After the Christmas break, I feel rested and recharged with new energy. I went into the new year full of good courage.lees meer

Show each other that you're there, that you care

Studying at the VU as an international poses many challenges—beyond the actual studying itself.lees meer

Homage to the associations

In these times of crisis and working from home, it turns out to be extremely difficult to get in touch with the residents of the campus, our students.lees meer

Make room for your own happiness

While writing this blog, I am sitting on the couch, I realise that the deadline for the blog is tomorrow. How come I overlooked that?lees meer

Take care of the silent student

It is Monday and the work week has officially started up again. However, that's not how it feels because everything is digital and e-mails and messages are flooding in all the time. lees meer

We are the beginning of the solution

The song starts with “Neler oluyor hayatta?” In English, this sentence means “What is happening in life?” and it brings me back to my house in İzmir to a hot summer night where my parents and I arelees meer

Zoom out

Currently, there is a political emphasis on our young people to stick to the measures. This gives quite a bitter aftertaste.lees meer

Not back to normal, but to better

The academic year has started and it feels weird. I walk into the main building of the VU and head directly towards the Studentend0k.lees meer

Looking for a professional interpreter

The new academic year is right around the corner. That means a brand new USR! Soukaina and I decided to do a second term.lees meer

Members of the university student council write in their personal capacity.