Loss in three short stories

Everyone experiences loss and mourning sooner or later in life.lees meer

It took guts and courage to stop my studies

Sarah made an appointment because she has questions about DUO and her student debt. Right at the beginning of the conversation she indicates that she made her decision, in her tenth year of study she is going to quit her bachelor. lees meer

Divorce grief

He arrives with a smile and a cheerful “Good afternoon!” The wrinkled shirt on his coffee stained jeans gives him a bit of a sloppy impression. We sit down.lees meer

An extra year of performance grant

A deep sigh. Student Maria: “Just a moment, I have been looking forward to this appointment but don't know where to begin... lees meer

The buzzword is stress

Some time ago, I received an email from a student with the following text: Dear academic advisor, I don't understand at all which new courses I have to take now and where I can find my study programme. Can you please help me quickly because I am stressed. You can call me day or night. lees meer

His lucky charm

Diary of a student psychological counsellor – the treatment of student M.M. For the intake we talk online, he is sitting behind his laptop in a dark room and it is hard to see his face. lees meer

General/psychological counsellors and academic advisors blog monthly about their work.