Barnyard Boogie

I borrowed a race bike from my housemate, met with a friend at an appropriate distance, and together we got out of dodge.lees meer

How to Read (At Least) 96 Books in Nine Years

I make my bed every morning because it is a habit. Habits are not always interesting; though I do want to share a habit of mine that will be coming up in my life soon. lees meer

Success Stories You Did Not Hear About

I spent an awful lot of time over the last two weeks inside, reading for class.lees meer

Reading Routines

Like most of us, I read every hour of every day. This does not mean that I drape myself over a chaise lounge and talk loudly of romanticism.lees meer

Cults, Codswallop, and Comedy

I joined a cult. In fact, I joined it a few years ago, and it has shaped my life ever since.lees meer

Third year bachelor student literature & society, from England.