23 September 2020

Zoom out

Currently, there is a political emphasis on our young people to stick to the measures. This gives quite a bitter aftertaste. A very large group of students have been holding their own for months and can't wait to go back to studying, working and simply living. But the framing by the media lately has not been good towards this target group. I would like to encourage our students in this. The measures taken by the government have once again been adapted and put in place. But one thing remains the same, namely that our students cannot come to university in the way they are used to. I sense frustration among students and a lack of understanding and some fatigue. Also called Zoom tired. I too am Zoom tired. Sometimes I just spend 8 hours a day non-stop in Zoom.

Sometimes I just spend 8 hours a day non-stop in Zoom

We lose the concept of time completely and are caught up in a marathon of digital lectures and on top of that at home all the time. We are slowly losing our dividing line between what is study and what is private. The students who need the university as a physical space, I would like to say to them, rest assured! We are gradually opening up the study places in a responsible way. As USR, we are working hard with the organisation to increase the number of study places. Our students need a study place and they will get one.

Our students need a study place and they will get one

The first month has started as USR but also for our students with a digital dose of education. Digital education and the little physical contact create some tension among students. The feeling of doing a complete self-study and not really knowing their peers is not the experience I think our students deserve. I would also like to say to this group of students, at the VU we have a wonderful community of nice people who dare to look beyond and who are inclusive. Look for these people, join your study association. Our wonderful associations at the VU are working hard and creatively to contribute to the social life and job prospects of our vu students. We all have to work our way through this new situation but don't be disappointed, be creative! Try to get the most out of your time at university. Know that there is a group of students, the USR, that is working for you every day. We are fighting every day to get the most out of education and to provide you with the best possible resources. Also, in this zoom era you can always approach us if you run into something or for a chat, you are always welcome. We are here for you as student participation and we wish our new freshmen and our older students the best of luck in the coming period.

Kata Rakić
chair university student council 20/21
Kata Rakic USR-voorzitter 20/21



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