26 October 2021

What we are doing this year

After working on it since we started our training in May, we as USR have finally had the opportunity to present our policy plan for this academic year. We are an enthusiastic, driven and diverse group of people, with many ideas on how the VU can be improved and in this column I would like to share some of the things we will be working on this year.

The first I want to mention is the quality of education. We have had more than a full academic year of online education and both students and professors have gotten pretty used to it. Now that we do have the opportunity to go back to campus, we want to take the positive experiences we had with online education and incorporate them into physical education. Think of online knowledge clips that you can look back to when preparing for a particularly tough part of your exam or online quizzes that you can use to see whether you comprehend the material.

The VU-catering should use less plastic and sell more plant-based products

Second issue that is dear to our heart is that of sustainability. The release of the IPCC report has once again confirmed the importance of taking quick and significant action against climate change. As a university, a place to gather knowledge and share it with the world, it’s important that we set an example for the rest of our society. We therefore think it is important to encourage those who provide the catering options at the VU to provide food with a lower carbon foodprint, using less plastic and more plant-based products.

The last point I want to mention has everything to do with campus life. Many students are only seeing the campus for the very first time this year, despite having been a VU student for quite some time already. We therefore want to help create more engagement on campus, through art, sports and events to stimulate connections between students from different faculties.

Would you like to read our full policy plan? We’re happy to share it with you, just send us an email at usr@vu.nl! Of course, if there is anything you are missing in our plans, or you encounter problems during the year, we are always happy to help you with any issue. We can be reached via social media and email or you can find us in our office in the Studentendok!

Eline van Leeuwen


Eline van Leeuwen USR



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