06 October 2020

We are the beginning of the solution

The song starts with “Neler oluyor hayatta?” In English, this sentence means “What is happening in life?” and it brings me back to my house in İzmir to a hot summer night where my parents and I are watching “Hababam Sınıfı”, an old classic Turkish movie series about a very naughty class in high school with a variety of people in it. These days, I feel like a student in that classroom living inside this movie where there is chaos and the “wicked” youth is causing problems constantly, not listening to their teachers and not behaving.

How come I feel this way, but at the same time, I am one of the students on the front line trying so hard to fix things because the actual problem is the system. We live in such a world that this system created by dinosaurs is so perfectly coded, it makes every mistake look like it is the youth’s fault whereas the youth is the mere beginning of the solution. This is not specific for us as well; history is a recurrence of events; this was the case in every era of humanity…

It makes every mistake look like it is the youth’s fault

The more I work for the USR, the more I realize these glitches in the current politics and discussions, and I think to myself: “Why aren’t we doing something about it? Why aren’t we trying to wreck this cycle so we can sail to a brave new world?”. I assume that the answer to my questions will always be an annoyed face and “money”. Nevertheless, this question was my main drive to join the change, and maybe the slight fear of always staying a number at the VU’s, or even the world’s, database.

I believe that the fresh minds should be handled more delicately since you can only bend a tree when it is a sapling. I am shouting out to the experienced oak trees: I know you have been in my place and you also had to go through this situation in which you had to shout to make your voice heard or you had to bear the humiliation, not sleeping until late hours to be able to write your assignments, pamper your teachers, and try to make a change. As the person who knows it firsthand, can you please not treat me like how you were treated when you were my age? I can help you with my ideas, my fresh perspective, and my strong immune system towards new challenges and even against viruses in our case today!

university student council

Selin Cakmak


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