03 May 2021

'Right now, all I ask for is the campus to be open'

“I am at the university right now because I just had an on-campus class. It went great. Initially we were with two groups, but there weren’t enough people since some people were quarantined or in another country. So, they combined the two groups. We did not have to take a corona test; we just wore masks until we were seated.

It felt refreshing, being on campus again. On-campus classes are incomparable to the Zoom classes. Even though we only go to campus once a week, it is a big improvement compared to how university was before. I hope that next year, we will have more classes on campus. Right now, all I ask for is the campus to be open. I think this is a very necessary thing for us students. For me it really helps if the WN-building will be open again, so we can book rooms for studying together.

‘After this year, I have a different view on the world’

Last week I experienced my first King’s day. I went to the Vondelpark with some friends. We could sit on the circles painted on the grass, to keep distance. There was a good atmosphere in the city, I felt like I was welcome. We left before the police apparently came.

I feel like this study year started at a low point. You know, with the lockdown and everyone staying at home. But the feeling I have right now, is that things are getting better. I feel optimistic about the future. It will not be long before things are going back to normal again.

Living and studying abroad has been a very pleasant experience so far. I would like to encourage others to do the same. Doing things like this really changes you. I have met so many people and that has opened my mind. After this year, I have a different view on the world. I understand it has been a very difficult year, but I’m sure the Netherlands is the perfect place to start traveling. Coming here was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

By Roos van Leerdam, student-reporter


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