23 February 2021

Out of the negative spiral

I am sitting behind my laptop, doing coordination work for GGD Twente. I switch to this document at times when the work is quieter. It is quite a challenge to find a subject, because this is the first time in my life that I blog. I will now share my thoughts and dreams about it with you.

The pandemic has a very big effect on our daily lives. Just think of the one-and-a-half-metre society, the online lectures, the closure of restaurants, gyms and theatres, the curfew, the cancelled events, the constant news about the new measures. After almost a year of corona, we are a bit fed up.

After almost a year of corona, we are a bit fed up

The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has been very important to me for years. Not only as a learning environment, but also as the place where I can meet (new) friends. Covid-19 does not only deprive me of the pleasure of acquiring knowledge, the virus also hinders my social contacts. The corona crisis divides our society and sets people against each other.

Moreover, the lockdown separates me from my older generation who, at this very moment, long and yearn for the presence and energy of young people.
I regret, for example, that I can no longer attend a match of my favourite football club, Besiktas JK, nor can I cheer on our club side by side - as comrades, etc.

But this can also be a turning point to change our mindset

The corona crisis goes so far that people become afraid to greet each other. The fear of shopping takes all the happiness and joy away from us.
We are losing faith in politics. We produce a lot of fake news to hide the uncertainty. Is then really everything negative, you ask yourself.

No, this can also be a turning point to change our mindset. It is due time to spread positive and happy thoughts. We should not stand against each other, but rather beside each other in order to come out of these difficult times together. As our rector Vinod Subramaniam always says: "We're all in this together". So we must look forward, for we are capable of changing and modernising our systems. We are faced with the task of finding new solutions. Also for very difficult issues like this pandemic.

I cannot deny it, the virus does bring with it a lot of misery. But please, let us build a new positive world out of the ashes of negativity.

Mustafa Mutlu USR

Mustafa Mutlu


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