05 November 2020

Make room for your own happiness

While writing this blog, I am sitting on the couch, I realise that the deadline for the blog is tomorrow. How come I overlooked that? Slightly irritated by this realisation, I start these first sentences. While contemplating, I consider what I want to give you, as reader.

I notice that I do not feel the need to write down what is going on in this oh so beautiful mind, preferably I would like to share my story in conversation. If you would sit across from me, we might talk about Dante, and his journey through the 9 rings of hell. In our conversation we compare our world with Dante's rings.

Hell is a cruel place, in which we find ourselves metaphorically. Fortunately, even that feeling is not infinite and we don't have to suffer it forever. It is true that in life we sometimes have consciously or unconsciously chosen for evil, but you can still earn paradise with penance. There is always a better prospect. Paradise is that hope. Something that is anchored in different beliefs. I believe this concept, and so did Dante.

I get a phone call while writing these words. "Hey, what are you doing?" can be heard from the other side. My answer is, "Writing a piece about Dante." "Dante? That dental clinic?" While grinning, I notice that I'm half a4 ahead.

Do I put my performance drive aside for a moment? Just admit it, says the Dante in me

Sumeyye, do you really dare send this as a blog? I think. Do I show the world that I don't excel at everything, do I put my performance drive aside for a moment? Just admit it, says the Dante in me.

While we are on the subject of performance and excellence, I would like to dwell for a moment on something else. People ask me why I haven't graduated yet, and why I do a hundred things that I give more priority to than my studies. “Don't you want your diploma?”

I get it. It's hard to imagine that someone is studying, but not necessarily to get a diploma. Sometimes we forget that finding meaning and the concept of happiness is different for everyone. I'm happy and that's the most important thing, at least for me. Look at Rutte, who took 7 years to complete his education and runs our country, so somewhere there is hope for the people who don't graduate or live within the "norm".

I finally know what I want to give you with my blog. Set the norm for yourself and make room for your own happiness within that norm as a minimum. Because don't forget; everyone develops in their own way, everyone is different and walks a different path. Therefore, dare to choose for yourself.

Sumeyye Dalkiran

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