06 January 2021

‘I celebrated Christmas with my roommates’

I find it interesting that we started classes on the fourth of January. Back home we start school later, because in Spain we celebrate the Three Wise Men on the sixth of January. On this holiday we do gifts, like they do on Christmas Eve in America or with Sinterklaas here in the Netherlands.

We did all these Dutch traditions that I didn’t know about

This year I spent the holidays differently anyways. I couldn’t go back to Spain and I mostly stayed in my apartment. I celebrated Christmas with my roommates, which was nice. I also celebrated Christmas with a Dutch friend of mine and her family. We did all these Dutch traditions that I didn’t know about, and I drank glühwein. We also played some board games, like Cluedo and Risk, which aren’t necessarily Dutch traditions, but it still was nice to play some familiar games.

I spent New Year’s Eve at home with my roommates. It was different of course; I’m used to going out with friends on New Year’s Eve. But this was also okay, I had a good time. After 12 o’ clock we went outside to see the fireworks, which apparently were illegal. We found that out because the police came. Fortunately, we didn’t have any ourselves.

For the coming period I have two subjects and we have to work in groups. It will be challenging because we have to communicate through Zoom. But with this rather practical subject it is almost impossible to work together online. We are going to try to get together and keep 1.5 metres distance, which will be hard, because we all have small student rooms. We would like to meet at the university or in a public library, but these are closed. But we will still try to meet in person - because then we can work more efficiently.



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