19 January 2022

Get involved in thinking about strengthening our VU community

It is important to build a community within the university for students. This makes people feel more valued and it also creates a sense of belonging. By connecting with each other, students at VU feel more like one entity and you get a strong network of connections and mutual support. In view of our diverse student population, we feel it is especially important that all students are accepted.

The University Student Council therefore also focuses on community building; we brainstorm on different ways to get students more involved with the campus and with each other. How do we increase awareness that so many students here come from so many different backgrounds? We are constantly working to increase the sense of belonging. That's why, for example, we organized the Griffioenbijeenkomst, Presidium and UVO. Students from different councils and boards came together to brainstorm on how VU can become an even closer community.

We need more physical space in the university and get to know each other in an informal setting

Many ideas and actions emerged from all the meetings, which we discussed at length within the council. We understood that there is a lack of physical space in the university, and that there should be more space to organize all kinds of small-scale events and get to know each other in an informal setting.

Many students also spoke about creating greater visibility of events and associations at the university level. It seems that students are often not aware of the events that are organized here, or of the fact that we have so many different associations at VU.

There are still too many inactive students at the university, and this is due, for example, to the fact that alcohol is served at many events, thus excluding students who do not drink.

Together with the Executive Board, the council is working to strengthen the VU community and to be more conscious of each other. Since we are very curious about other ideas for community building at the VU, we would like to invite all students to think along.
If you have any ideas or initiatives, please let us know.
Mail to usr@vu.nl. Thank you for your input.

Anika Shrivastava



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