Conflicting feedback

As I am leaving the Spanish sun behind me, traveling back to the Netherlands, after a well-deserved holiday, I carefully open my inbox.lees meer

Examination week

My students finished their last exam yesterday. For sure they are enjoying their day off today, they really have nothing to do with regards to studying.lees meer

Step by step

By the end of the summer, when we were finishing translating and updating our course into English, my fellow junior lecturers and I had made a transition to English ourselves. lees meer

Mixed classroom

As I was preparing my presentation for the workshop Mixed Classroom (provided by LEARN!lees meer

The first lecture

I’m on the train. Finally. Commuting between Utrecht and Amsterdam on a Monday morning is never a joy, but today it seems worse. Must be because it is the first Monday of September.lees meer

Let's teach in English

“What are you excited about, and what you are nervous about?lees meer


Junior lecturer in biomedical sciences | writes about the bachelor programme’s shift to English