Design Your Own Superhero

Have you always dreamed of being the brains behind a superhero? Now is your chance! lees meer

The Guardian of Peace has Disappeared

Our guardian has not been seen since last night, the 12th of February. It has been exactly 5 hours, 23 minutes and 45 seconds since our hero was last seen.lees meer

A Better World

Your opinions on the topic are very clear: only use genetic modification to prevent and cure diseases. But I have a story to tell that might change your mind. lees meer

Gene modification and overpopulation have instigated a new discriminatory bias

Since gene modification was introduced to the public, people have been increasingly applying for body enhancements and ‘skin discolouring’. The impact turns out to be much more detrimental than first thought. lees meer

Are you sick of your partner too?

Have you been spending too much time together and are you in dire need for a new impulse in your relationship? Try GenEd! lees meer

Gene modification causes humans to lose their spine

Humans are losing their spine because of years of genetic modification. We need to stop trying to be perfect humans, says visionary Timo Roskam. lees meer

Uniqueness Is Rare

I am currently sitting in the waiting room, waiting to get my genes modified to prevent certain illnesses from developing. This is the only type of modification I am allowing myself to undergo. lees meer

Battle of the races: Superhumans against the Ordinary

Superhumans are stronger, smarter and in almost every way better than the Ordinary. What place is still left for ordinary people in the world? lees meer

Super Eyes

Get your super eyes here! lees meer

Airline companies and flying humans are preparing for war

The tension between airline companies and flying humans continues to increase. Airfrance, Delta Airlines and many more airline companies are fed up with flying humans. lees meer


Students explore the future dangers and opportunities of human genetic modification