Loose Sandwiches, Dutch Men on Mopeds and other “Typically” Dutch Quirks

I have finals and don’t have enough time to analyze any socio-politically titillating topics in Dutch culture, but the Dutch are always asking me about their quirks.lees meer

A “Definitive” List of Men in the Club (by country)

Each country seems to have their own proverbial handbook on courting women, and here is my overgeneralized opinion on each one (because what is human nature if not exercising an innate desire to calees meer

Yikes! The Dutch Aren’t Immune to Racism?

By now, my faithful readers, you are certainly aware that I possess opinions that are far from outspoken within the context of my home university and, subsequently, my likeminded peers.lees meer

Deflowering my Boyfriend’s Strip Club Virginity

If Amsterdam has taught me anything in the past few months, it’s that the best way to start off a romantic relationship is to take your new beau to a seedy bar in the heart of the Red Light Districlees meer

'So Many Ways to Prevent This'

“What the hell is going on in America?”lees meer

Is the Epidemic of Hipsters Killing Amsterdam?

While reading (a poorly translated version of) Nienke Stumpel’s blog, I stumbled upon the hilarilees meer

Amsterdam and LGBTQ+: Progressive or Pragmatic?

I have spent my first month in Amsterdam immersed in the proverbial “honeymoon” phase that accompanies moving to a foreign city for a finite amount of time.lees meer


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