04 juni 2019

Summer and Homesickness

It has finally happened. The big ball of gas that tells us when to get out of bed has, at long last, decided to grace us with a sunny weekend.

Suddenly, Amsterdam is alive with summer activity. The canals are lined with people enjoying the warmth, the parks fill with picnic blankets and those tinny barbecues you get from the supermarkets. We all collectively remember that shorts exist, and that you don’t always have to take a jacket with you. The tourists wonder why all the shops are selling something called “sun milk”.

We move from procrastinating university work indoors to procrastinating university work outdoors

The average student lifestyle translates really well into summer, as we move from procrastinating university work indoors to procrastinating university work outdoors; vague notions of ‘studying’ come to mind but are quickly melted by the sunshine. VU students are now entering the last period of the academic year; a mere four weeks till the summer break begins, and it cannot come fast enough. As an international, I will always enjoy the chance to go home in the holidays (not just for all the free food). Sure, I like living in the Netherlands; there are a lot of great places and, more importantly, people that I love here. Yet who could fault me for missing my family and friends back home?

Your time spent at university can feel like an entirely separate life to the one you left. Not just because you have eaten pasta & pesto for over half your total meals, but also because you don’t get to share it with some of those who may be closest to you—and vice versa. I realised my homesickness came not from what I missed, but what I was missing. The experience I have here is totally removed from the experiences of my family at the moment; but I suppose that just gives me another reason to look forward to going home this summer—we can swap stories over a few pints outside in this glorious weather.


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