07 mei 2020

A Little Extra Love

Initially, my idea was to use this blog as an opportunity to reflect on how it went to get into the USR halfway through the academic year. Considering the circumstances, I don’t know exactly what to reflect on. Getting into the USR has been like getting on a moving intercity. The council got me up to speed quite easily and I was enjoying my time in the office. The real challenge began when the university had to close.

Not focused

In the beginning I felt very productive. Because my fellow councillors and I couldn’t talk to each other that much anymore, I was more focused on reading documents. It felt good to be getting more stuff done. It didn’t last. During online meetings I was unfocused. It feels easy to be multitasking during an online meeting, but soon I realized I was missing entire discussions. Only to be called back to ‘reality’ by someone mentioning my name. And then you think to yourself ‘wait what has anyone even been saying this past half hour?’. One week I was upset with myself for not getting anything done I wanted to do during quarantine. On social media, quarantine was ‘advertised’ as THE perfect opportunity to do the stuff you normally don’t have time for. To change habits. To learn a new skill. To enjoy the time you don’t spend commuting or working. For me, I suddenly wasn’t allowed to work anymore because I work in a sporting centre. So, I thought I would have more time to be creative. Just spending my free time colouring, painting, dancing or reading a book. At some point, I was really disappointed to realize that my ‘free time’ just ended up disappearing.

Allow yourself rest

Sometimes, it is easy to forget to not be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself to slack. Allow yourself rest. The whole situation can cause enough stress on its own, so stressing yourself even more with high expectations is not the way to go.
And the truth is, the free time I got is not just disappearing, I’m also using it to reach out to friends. Check on how they are doing. And if anything is not a waste of time, it’s checking up with your loved ones. Anyone can use a little extra love in these uncertain times.

Alyssa Termaat

Alyssa Termaat


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