06 november 2019

It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Canada

What was Halloween like as a kid? It seems like a decade ago I was last Trick or Treating. It’s one of those things you do as a kid with your older guardian, or as an older guardian with your kid (recently learned this is called an antimetabole). Now I have attained the rank of university student, my Halloween involves cobbling together an outfit that doesn’t bust the budget and heading out to drink with other patchwork vampires, ghouls, and ghosts.

I saw many runny-faced Jokers, several soaked Pennywise, and one damp pair of Mario Brothers

This year Halloween was postponed in Montreal, and other districts, due to an extreme downpour on October 31st. The all-too-predictable outrage from the Boomer and Gen X crowds hit the airwaves, and a debate was ignited about safety, over-protectiveness, and the weather. Does a little rain really hurt? Did the storm warrant safety measures? I don’t have the answer to these questions, but I do know that my friends and I got bloody soaked walking to a club. I saw many runny-faced Jokers, several soaked Pennywise, and one damp pair of Mario Brothers—all in all, a great turnout for student creativity, despite inclement weather.

The storm that postponed Halloween is a harbinger of times to come here in Quebec. The forecast takes a dive to hover around 1° over the next few days, and I’ve been told snow is common between early-mid November. Gone are my long morning runs along the river, no more do we picnic in Parc Mont Royal, and forever lost are all my pairs of shorts. The Winter Pregame, sometimes called Autumn, is winding up for one last finale before we plunge into the icy landscapes of a Canadian winter. This first taste of winter has made me quite glad that I’m getting out of here before the real cold sets in, but my deepest sympathies go to those who are hanging around. Maybe next year for Halloween we can try to postpone the bad weather instead.


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