04 oktober 2019

I’ll stick with cricket, thanks

Moving somewhere else to study presents a whole range of new opportunities, and if you can juggle your classes alongside, it’s definitely worth seizing them. Last weekend I travelled to Boston, Massachusetts (and finally learned how to spell Massachusetts), to travel around the city, see a baseball game, and just try to experience some American culture. It started when the overnight bus arrived at the Canadian American border at around 2am, and a border agent (who I assume, had drunk 5-7 coffees pre-shift to be so energetic) leapt aboard and cried “WELCOME TO AMERICA!” We trudged sleepily off the bus, were questioned incessantly about the nature of our trip, and then allowed to re-board to catch a few more hours before arriving in Boston.

There is something quite ‘unique’ about the Boston accent

Now, I don’t want to dwell on stereotypes because they’re rarely accurate, and often unkind; though I must say, there is something quite ‘unique’ about the Boston accent. It was suddenly easy to empathize with the TV portrayal of Americans lost in London, swooning over the funny-sounding Brits. Whatever the inverse of that is, I felt it as I wandered round the North End, Boston Common, and round the Bay (there was a Boston Tea Party museum, but it didn’t feel like a place for British tourists to visit).

Fenway Park

I’m not a huge sports fan, but I do enjoy rugby, cricket, and a bit of footy. Whilst in Boston I figured it would be criminal to not see a Baseball game—Fenway Park, historic home of the Red Sox, was just 10 minutes from my hostel, so I got a ticket in the bleachers and went to a game. Total honesty, I think I’ll stick with cricket. Trying out new foods, languages, sports, and so forth is a crucial part of moving abroad—but there is no pressure to like all the things you try! All you have to do is go into the exchange with an open mind, and not get bogged down by what you do and don’t enjoy—as long as you’re doing something new from time to time, occasionally getting out of your comfort zone, well, then you’re making the most of it.

Fenway Park field


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