08 juni 2022

‘I just want to meet my own standards’

"After my exam tomorrow, I just have three more weeks of class until the summer vacation. I feel like everything falls into place right now. I almost finished my first year, I have a new place from August on, I obtained my BSA and I finally feel like I really live here. At first I felt like I only stayed here to be a student, now this place feels like home.

I had no problem obtaining my BSA, my grades are good. Still, it is important for me as an international to obtain my BSA, since we get our student VISA taken away if we fail. Luckily, I’m used to hard work and I prioritize my academics. I feel like there is a competitive culture in India with regards to academics, compared to the Netherlands. Back in high school I wanted to get into the top ten percent of the class. Those high standards were really stressing me out, I was comparing myself to others. Now I’m more easy to myself, I just want to meet my own standards.

I feel like there is a competitive culture in India with regards to academics, compared to the Netherlands

I have to move out of my place at Uilenstede in a few weeks, because the VU only offered a contract for one year. Fortunately, I will have a place when I come back for my second year. It is really nice, actually, I have my own bathroom, there’s a common area and there are study spots. The only downside is, that my rent has doubled. But to be honest, I would rather not have as much luxury and pay less rent.

I will spend my summer in India with my family. I have worked very hard the past year, so I want to relax for two months. In the summer, everything becomes lush and green in India, and travelling around is a very calming experience. It’s easy and very cheap to travel in India, so I might just take some trips. When I come back to the Netherlands for my second year I will be recharged. That’s necessary, because the second year is supposedly more challenging. Thereby, I also have to move and settle again. There are a lot of changes to come."



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