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Hindsight & Looking Ahead

Like a bad graphic of time traveling in a movie, I can feel the months flying past. Now, with just five weeks to go before the end of this exchange I can’t help but look back as well as forward. Disclaimer—an indispensable yet cheesy life lesson is on the way.

My friends and I are now planning how to squeeze every last drop of entertainment from these next five weeks

Speaking to other students I’ve met here I learned that many were highly concerned about making friends when they arrived and figured that would be the hardest part of moving somewhere new. Taking the leap of faith and going to a new student meetup or international student party was, for them, the gateway for meeting people and forming friendships out here. In order to get close to the end of your exchange, and to look back at all the wonderful memories you made, it’s crucial to have taken those first steps back in August. My friends and I are now planning how to squeeze every last drop of entertainment from these next five weeks; we have made grandiose plans and schemes that may appear on this blog in the future, so watch this space.

BlogMarcusMontreal-hindsight-staand.jpgOf course, I can’t be sad just yet. I mustn’t. But…

When I head back to the UK/Netherlands, many of my new friends will naturally move back to their cold corners of Canada. Some are going long haul—you’d be surprised by how many Australians I’ve met out here. A couple head south, some even a little further north. Students, scattered to the winds, a terribly poetic thought. What I’m getting at is, I’m really going to miss this lot.


We’ll be in at least four different time zones, some have more winter to look forward to, others a less intense climate; the Australians leave the -15 lows of Quebec for the toasty +25 of New South Wales. I’ve been privileged to have this chance to make an exceptional group of friends out here, and we’re going to have to work hard to organise a reunion in the future. But, for now, we aren’t looking so far ahead. There are five more weeks to enjoy here—so now we’re off to the pub. Cheers!

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Door Murielle op 18 november 2019

Fan of your blogs! Enjoy your last weeks and cheers!


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