06 april 2022

‘It would help if we learn about anthropology in high school’

“A lot of people don’t know what I do when I tell them I study anthropology. It is not as well known as other studies. That’s the thing with social sciences, it is not always clear what you will become after you have finished the study. When you study medicine, you become a doctor. There is no such thing with anthropology. So every time someone asks what I study, I have to explain them what anthropology means and what I do.

‘Every time I have to explain them what anthropology means’

The fact that it is not well known leads to people not accepting it as a real course. A lot of concerned parents prefer their kids becoming lawyers, business people or doctors. It would help if we learn about anthropology in high school, then it will become more well known. When I was in high school, I didn’t like any of the courses we talked about in class. So I choose business, because it was the most vague one. When I did business I really hated it, but while I did so I realised that anthropology is a thing. That is how I found out what I liked.

After this bachelor, I definitely want to do a master, although I am not sure which one. I lean towards something with psychology, or maybe criminology. But I still have two more years, so I will look into that next year. I will also try to do the honours next year. It is nice to learn different things and I saw there were courses about psychology, technology and music. And I hope I can do an internship that is related to my course, because I want gain work experience.

I am not sure what I want to do after I have finished studying. I don’t know what my possibilities are except becoming a researcher. I do know that my ideal job is to work with people, actually to work with kids. I would like to work at a high school where I can use my anthropological knowledge to raise awareness among the kids. I think it is important that they learn about different cultures and about what it means to be a member of society.”



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